Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend at the Ranch

California Quail peeking through the grasses
 Just back from a lovely weekend at my friends ranch in Monterey County where we hosted the category winners of the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory 2010 Click Off Photo Contest.  We had wonderful weather, tasty food and wine and lots of cooperative birds.  There were also a few not so cooperative - do titmice ever sit still?
Spotted Towhee
We are looking forward to opening this year's photo contest for entries on June 1!  Start getting your California bird photos together if you'd like to join us at the ranch next year!
Scrub Jay

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solar Follow Up

I am sorely behind in posts since returning from Ethiopia!!  Big things are afoot and they've taken up much of my time BUT it's time I get back to this!!

In January I purchased a solar recharging solution for my trip to Ethiopia.  I'm pleased to follow up on that purchase. 
 It worked fabulously!

Even with some cloudy, overcast days and considerable down time during days spent on the move the PowerFilm F15-1200 20 Watt collected plenty of power to fill the Brunton Solo 7.5.  I was able to recharge my camera batteries, iPhone and iPad every night.  It was wonderful to know I could rely on my phone for my alarm every morning and I could run my camera all night without fear of being left without power.  A+ 

PowerFilm collecting power outside my tent