Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 The Small Year

It wasn't an especially prolific year for me photo wise. The fatigue from my chemo therapy kept me nothing short of house bound but I did manage to get out a few times and it's all because of the support of my friends. This would be a much more horrible experience without them and I can't thank them enough for sticking by me from these few outings to our weekly poker matches... I love you all. 

In January we ventured out to a very, very wet Racetrack in Death Valley. We had a lovely time shooting from the edge of the lake being careful not to leave any foot prints but my prize from that trip was a lovely Kangaroo Rat which visited us nightly to see what crumbs we might have left around.

  A bit later in the spring I received word from a friend that he wanted to come photograph fox. I reached out to friends and was put in contact with a researcher aptly called the Fox Guy! We had a terrific morning photographing Grey fox before we headed south to the Catalina islands and found a Santa Cruz Island fox. I also got direction to some wonderful burrowing owls that took up residence inside a power plant.

Grey fox

Santa Cruz Island fox

Then lastly this fall my favorite two trouble makers made their way from Australia and Seattle to see me. First we headed out to Point Reyes where we encountered a coyote, one of my favorite critters to photograph. Then I figured since we have a history of trouble in the high seas we should check out Half Moon Bay. We were rewarded by an enormous pod of common dolphin and lunge feeding humpback whales.

Good Bye 2014
So I'm pleased to say I might not have gotten out as often as I'd like but I've still got it! And it's all thanks to my dear, dear friends. May 2015 bring you all much love and light.