Friday, March 29, 2013

Hair, Hard News and a Hiatus

I've been growing my hair out for a while now with the specific intent of donating it to a charity who would use it to make a wig for a child with cancer. I really needed about two more months of growth to make a solid donation of 12 inches or more but fate seems to have made other plans for me.

Wigs for Kids

Locks of Love

In January I started to experience ever increasing abdominal pain - after lots of medical tests and a short hospital stay my long story turns short into the hard news - I've been diagnosed with cancer. It's one of the most horrible and terrifying words I have ever heard uttered in my entire life. I start chemotherapy on April 8th and with luck and the hard work of the amazing doctors at the UCSF Hellen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center, after a few months, I will go into remission and get back behind the camera. So here's the hiatus part - I'll won't be posting again until I get this under control - I need to focus 100% of my energy on fighting this cancer.

Back to the hair: since chemotherapy often causes hair loss or at the very least hair thinning I thought it would be a good idea to chop off my locks and proceed with the donation just a little bit early. So last week I turned to my long term stylist Simon Mark who is a hair genius. As it turns out, I've been seeing Simon for the last 10 years - time certainly does fly!

Mr Pink whistle

My friend Dave Cattell was so awesome to give up his day to come with me and document the sheering process. I hope you enjoy his pics.

Wish me luck and I promise to do my best to get back behind the camera before you know it.

I wish you all good health, joyous laughter, golden light and lots of amazing friends to share it all.

10 in of hair just waiting to be cut
Are you sure you want it SUPER short?


JJ models the pony tails - I think he'd make a great red-head!
Simon performing his magic
Super Short but I love it!! Hope it doesn't fall out too soon.

PS: For anyone trying to contact me, please have lots of patience. I am exhausted because of the pain medications I am taking... even before the chemo starts and so I am WAY behind in my correspondence. I will do my best to catch up with you soon.

And don't worry about the Ethiopian wolf book. The final proof has been approved and the printer is warming up as I type. In the next few days we'll be given the final delivery schedule. Will is ready to turn on the pre-order page the second we have that date in hand. The show will go on and I will be back!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Going Walkabout Penguin-Style

Just in case you are all tired of seeing still images of penguins... as if that could even be a possibility... I've put together a little bit of video footage from Antarctica. Hope you like it!

Walkabout Penguin Style from Rebecca Jackrel on Vimeo.