Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in Review

California Quail at Bruce's Ranch
2011 passed in a blur for me but one thing was crystal clear.  
Friendships, old and new, made each epic adventure more rich and rewarding.  
Death Valley Stars with Jim
Santa Cruz on an outing with Edie
From local California shoots with Bruce, Jim, Michael, Jaymi and Edie through two large expeditions, one to Svalbard with Paul and one to Africa for my Ethiopian Wolf Project with Will, none would have been as productive nor amazingly fun without my friends!  Thank you all for challenging me to be better, for your support and most of all for all the fun times!  I love you all and look forward to more adventures in the New Year!!
Midnight swim in Svalbard
Walrus basking

Paul tempting the iceberg

Underwater-eye view

Ethiopian Wolf Pup, Meggity Pack
Hunting Ethiopian Wolf

Morning in the Web Valley, Ethiopia

Check out their work via the links below. 
I promise you won't be disappointed!


Mark said...

Great set of images Rebecca. The walrus shots - wow. Also love the Santa Cruz one for the magical light and the rock formations. The Ethiopian wolves are also quite nice. Congrats on the great year! Happy new year to you.

Vinx said...

Some rely good shoots, was a good photo year (=

Kids Resources said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Alex Wise said...

Stunning shots Rebecca. Looks like you had a great year :)

David Leland Hyde said...

You seem very comfortable and talented photographing around and even under water. I enjoyed reviewing your best of the year.

CE Marking consultants said...

great job........