Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mean People Suck

I'm getting ready to leave Utah today after many amazing moments with the lovely cats (and two wolves) from Animals of Montana. I manged to capture some unique views of these wonderful animals actors and am very pleased with the photographic side of the trip.

I was foiled in my intentions to capture some landscapes shots between the animal sessions by a rather inconsiderate thief. Didn't he know that I had plans? I had work to do? Apparently not. The second morning of the trip I went to my car to head out for the first light and noticed broken glass on the ground beside my car. My heart sank as I rounded the side and found my drivers side window smashed to pieces and the window frame bent from repeated attempts to pry loose the door lock. I expected the worst, that all of my photo gear was gone and I'd lost everything.

Apparently the thief was either interrupted or just didn't bother to lift the blanket in the back of the car to see the camera lenses resting there. All they took was my iPod. So, I am faced with a very quiet ride home but I've got all of my images and all of my camera gear so I can't help but feel extremely lucky. A local glass place was able to replace the window so I won't have to listen to the rattle of plastic all the way to San Francisco.

I can't imagine what the thief must be thinking as they look through my play lists of bird calls and Michael Bubble, Fiest and Fine Frenzy. Lesson learned, no matter how many trips it takes, no matter how tired you are, no matter how small and homey a town is, no matter how many resident leave the keys in their cars and doors to their homes unlocked... Bring everything into the hotel with you and park in the very front under the biggest camera you can find... and don't forget to have some fun.

And now for the long drive back to San Francisco.

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