Friday, June 13, 2008


I did manage to get my Harlequin Ducks in the wild with the help of our awesome mate and skiff captain, Megan. In the town of Baranof there is ONE year round resident, four dogs, one store, two docks, a hotspring, a few bathhouses, a beautiful waterfall and during the summer upwards of 18-20 residents. There are also Harlequin Ducks.

Harlequins love rushing waters and they are quite skiddish when approached from land. Megan maneuvered the skiff between submerged rocks and into the mouth of the waterfall, which was absolutely raging thanks to the spring melt, all the while holding the boat steady enough for me to frame and fire. I can't thank her enough for her efforts to get me the shots I wanted.

It is amazing how much shelter one rock can give, looking at these images you would never know we were battling a huge current caused by the waterfall. The day was cloudy so I was able to avoid harsh shadows and the green Rockweed provided a vibrant background for these birds that I could not have planned better. A great day. Thanks Megan!


Terencefoo said...

nice pics
i love nature...

*Mystica said...

omg they are so cute. if only i can own harlequin ducks here.

Rebecca Jackrel said...

Thanks for the comments!