Saturday, October 18, 2008


I made a mad dash up to Yosemite with my cousin Jon this week. Jon just graduated from college and is staying with us while he gets to know the Bay area and find a job. It's been a lot of fun showing him around and it's been helping me to reconnect to the city and remember why I love the area so much. Unfortunately, the party is going to end as Jon is going to find a job soon. I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing Tuolumne this season and with November filled up with trips for Polar Bears and Albatross and the pending departure of my new partner in crime... I knew it had to be done sooner than later. So off we went - one night in the Curry Village tent cabins and a wonderful long day cruising the park, watching coyotes and mule deer, smelling the incense cedars and enjoying the warm sun.

I was more focused on just drinking in the majesty that is Yosemite than I was on capturing memorable images. Then I thought of a friend of mine who is always using his fisheye lens to get unique perspectives. I decided it was time to haul mine around too. I think this is my favorite shot from my experimentation with the lens. I love how it makes the sunburst even at f/10!

After we had a picnic in Tuolumne meadows, watched the Northern Harrier Hawk hunting the grasslands, we headed through Tioga Pass to Mono Lake. What a treat - there were TONS of Eared Grebes and ruddy ducks swimming about. I had meant to shoot some landscapes but became engrossed watching these little birds hunt and capture the brine flies.

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