Thursday, April 30, 2009


One of the best reasons to head back to Midway in April was for the opportunities to photograph babies! The Albatross chicks are heading into their awkward toddler stage. They reminded me of my nephew as he launched himself across a room... feet pumping as if the sheer push forward could keep him on his feet... followed quickly by the pause and uncertain swaying... concluding in the drop down onto his diapered behind. The albatross chicks had the exact same process to their movements and they became more and more mobile every day. All the fuzz of their down coats reminded me of a big, thick diaper and I had to giggle every single time I saw one sit down suddenly after the sway.

Many of the the chicks end up sitting in the middle of the roadways. The traffic is very light and is limited to a few gold carts and some bicycles. For the most part you slalom back and forth across the road between chicks but on occasion, the chicks are too closely paced together and a bird has to be moved out of the way. They don't appreciate it and they let you know in no uncertain terms of this fact by raking the inside of your arm with the hooked end of their beak. Not everyone can point to a small scar on their arms and say "Albatross". I hope my little mark stays with me! ;)


Mark said...

Great shots Rebecca. Amazing the difference in appearance to the adults - but not much different than most species I suppose. Photograph that scar so at least you will have that forever. :-)

Richard Wong said...

Fascinating images Rebecca. Thanks for adding my site on your blog roll btw. I just put yours on mine too.