Saturday, November 7, 2009

Exhausted and Elated

Enrique and I had the distinct pleasure of working with two very talented couples in a dance studio in Oakland last night. While I am absolutely exhausted (we wrapped at 1:50 AM, packed up and headed home and I was on my way to Elkhorn Slough to photograph otters by 6AM) I am thrilled with the results of the shoot. They have a show coming up in January and needed promotional images, we captured those and then some!

Eric and Chelsea (top) are American Grand Ballroom Smooth Champions and Max and Rachel (bottom) are an up and coming Latin dance couple. I don't
even pretend that I can dance
but I know what it's supposed to look like and these guys have it in spades. And I'm not just saying that because Chelsea is my cousin! They are truly talented. I'll keep you posted on the show when I get more information in case anyone is in town and wants to get tickets.

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