Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solar Follow Up

I am sorely behind in posts since returning from Ethiopia!!  Big things are afoot and they've taken up much of my time BUT it's time I get back to this!!

In January I purchased a solar recharging solution for my trip to Ethiopia.  I'm pleased to follow up on that purchase. 
 It worked fabulously!

Even with some cloudy, overcast days and considerable down time during days spent on the move the PowerFilm F15-1200 20 Watt collected plenty of power to fill the Brunton Solo 7.5.  I was able to recharge my camera batteries, iPhone and iPad every night.  It was wonderful to know I could rely on my phone for my alarm every morning and I could run my camera all night without fear of being left without power.  A+ 

PowerFilm collecting power outside my tent


Edie Howe said...

So glad it worked for you, Rebecca! Now, tell me about that thatch covering over your red tent!

Rebecca Jackrel said...

I thought you might like that... there are two scientific camps set up with these thatch coverings. It was amazing how much warmer they made the tents. Just had to keep the horses from eating them. It gets very cold and very wet in the highlands of Ethiopia... one morning my tent was completely frosted over - unfortunately that was the morning my eyes were swollen shut so couldn't see to take photos. I've got some posting to catch up on, eh?!

David Cookson said...

After a life time of long distance walking with primitive gear, we know enter a modern era. Love the solar power, but love the double-insulated tent even more.