Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick Field Outing

Caitlin gently lifts the new-born from the nest
Caitlin shows off the newly-born plover chick
I'll get back to Svalbard next week but wanted to share a couple of shots from a quick field outing with biologist,

The second sibling emerges
Jaymi Heimbuch, a talented writer for TreeHugger (Twitter: @JaymiHeimbuch), away from her warm bed at an ungodly hour to accompany me to the plover breeding grounds near Hayward, California.  We caught up with Caitlin and headed into the restricted reserve in search of

A quick check to make certain mom is watching before putting the newly banded chick back with it's sibling. Snowy Plovers are perfectly camouflaged on the salt ponds.  Do you see the nest with the second chick beginning to hatch?

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