Monday, February 9, 2009

Expecting the Unexpected

So, this morning we headed up to the Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills. I had to check to be certain today was indeed Monday. There were not one... but THREE photographers there before we arrived. The only consolation was that Mt Whitney remained hidden behind a snow storm. The sky turned a beautiful shade of pink that I have only seen in the Sierra range and I had nowhere to point the camera... I had a specific shot in mind and the fact that I couldn't achieve the image just left me paralyzed. I soon recovered and managed to obtain some nice images but not when I had pre-visualized. I think the lesson for the remainder of this trip it to expect the unexpected and to throw away any preconceived image I might have in my mind.

Onward to Death Valley we traveled... Ok... so maybe I'm naive but I really thought Death Valley in winter was a grand idea. I envisioned a wonderful three days camping at the Racetrack, sunsets at Badwater, maybe a session at the Mesquite Dunes... I did not expect so much rain that all of the roads in the park would be closed!! I mean... we can't even get to Badwater!! Aparently they have a very small road crew and there has been a VERY large amount of rain these past few days. Hoping for better luck tomorrow... until then, sleep is calling me. :0))


John W. Wall said...

Great to catch up with your blogs from the last few days. Fun trip!

Rebecca Jackrel said...

Thanks John! We are having a terrific time learning to roll with what Mother Nature dishes out to us!