Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Next Day

We spent the afternoon hiking in the Jumbo rock area, looking for angles and images to take. We ended up with the classic iconic image of the balanced circular rock. As we were setting up and waiting for the light two young marines began scrambling up the rock faces. It was obvious they were intent on getting to the top but to our surprise they left off. Later a rather macho looking guy lead his girlfriend up the same area... she was wearing tight jeans and he was in Chucks... not exactly climbing clothing... They managed to make it to the top with him lecturing her the entire way on the proper handholds to look for and so forth. I was convinced we were going to see a very bad accident. The young marines appeared and chatted with us a bit. Apparently they had decided that while they could infact make it up to the top without trouble, it's a different story coming down. They were shocked that the couple had made it up and were also thinking there might be an accident waiting in the wings. After a few slips and wobbly half-hearted attempts to make it down the way they had come the couple went in search of another route. We saw them later making their way to the parking lot... they seemed to be none the worse for wear and still friends so I can only assume they managed to find an easier path down. I was most impressed by the young marines decision NOT to climb... I always think of young guys as being adrenaline junkies and willing to take any risk out there - I assumed based on their age that these two were the type to leap first and regret the decision later... they proved me very wrong and I couldn't be happier about that.

The skies were clear and so we set up to play with star trails that evening. I've never had the opportunity to try, it seems every time I think of it or have a good foreground subject, the weather is against me. As it was I had to give up early when I couldn't feel my feet. Another cold night in the sleeping bag but at least it didn't snow!

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