Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back in Business!

With 10 minutes to spare, my gear is home, safe and sound and upgraded... according to Canon at least... "It was found that the adjustment to the AF assembly was incorrect the auto focus did not operate properly. Electrical Adjustments were carried out on the AF assembly." I'm really hoping that means it's fixed! I'll be playing with the autofocus over the next few days just to be sure. Maybe I'll be able to actually take some sharp images now... wouldn't that be novel!

So.... CPS gets an D- for communication and an A+ for speed. Grade for accuracy is pending... Now, out the door before the dog bursts from repressed excitement, his walk is WAY overdue at this point. Poor Milo!


The Nord said...

So... is it all fixed? Does it work?

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your blog posts and the photo's are to say least amazing, breathtaking, and beautiful. You realy capture a lot in each an every shot. Bless you and keep us posted =)