Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waiting is painful

It's been 6 days since I've had a camera in my hand. I forgot that this past weekend was a holiday weekend... silly me. And so Friday, I packed up my long lenses and my camera bodies and shipped them off to Canon for cleaning, calibration and minor tweaks that have been long neglected. I had been counting on having a full week for these repairs but I didn't count on everyone being closed down for Memorial Day. One day lost.

Thanks to UPS tracking, I know that my gear arrived safe and sound in the Canon Repair Center in Irvine, CA at 9:05 AM Tuesday morning but that is all I know. Not one peep from Canon about having received them, an estimate, a time table... nothing.

This is my first time using my new status as a CPS member and I really have to say I am not in the least bit impressed. I leave on Sunday for a photo trip to Montana... it's not going to be much of a trip if I have no camera or lens to use... I'm hoping that BorrowLenses.com will be able to bail me out at the last minute if Canon fails to come through.

It's so rare that I have a solid week without anything to photograph and even now, I am jonesing to get out there and shoot. I know where several black-neck stilt chicks are testing their tiny wings, I've seen sparrows galore, the tides are great for landscapes.... the photos are calling me but I have no equipment to answer with.... I hope it comes back to me soon.

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