Friday, January 1, 2010

Cleaning up in a New Year

I know that San Francisco has a wonderful recycling program but it still irks me that I feed it so much on a weekly basis. It seems like every year we get more and more and more junk mail coming through that little slot. Every week I seem to have a full paper bag with credit card offers and catalogs wanting me to buy, buy, buy.

Well today it stops... OK actually up to 90 days from now... but thanks to research done by my friend Jim Goldstein, I have opted out of magazine, credit card, insurance and catalog offers! To find out how you can do the same, visit Jim's Blog and follow his easy instructions! Just one word of warning - the text they use on the opt out websites to verify you are a person and not a computer bot is case sensitive and a bit confusing: 'I' and 'l' look the same etc... if it doesn't take it the first time keep trying. At least they don't remove your data and make you start over from scratch!



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