Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trees for Travellers

One of the biggest criticisms I've heard of nature photographers stems from our desire to travel to far away and exotic locations. How can we justify the carbon expenditure we produce which adds to climate change in order to capture and image of a creature or location we love... our travel is causing more damage. And yet, the plane would go with or without us... so as a result I've taken to buying Carbon Offsets to help ease my conscience about my personal travel and subsequent contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities for local projects that will benefit the areas I visit so I am pleased to share a "find" I made in Kiakoura, New Zealand: Trees for Travellers. They have a convenient flight calculator and you can track the growth and health of your assigned tree on Google Maps.

Check it out and see if a tree in Kaikoura makes sense for you.

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Jason Brown said...

Very interesting, I would take the best route to reduce the carbon footprint but would not worry about it too much, the earth will be here spinning a lot longer than we will.