Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Dashes

On my first ever trip to Alaska, the trip that ignited my passion for photography, I saw a photograph of the Mendenhall Glacier with a beautiful field of fire weed in front of it. Though I don't remember the photographer, the image has stuck with me. On every visit I've made back to the spot, the fire weed has either not yet bloomed, past bloomed or flattened by rain until this past July (2009). I had a 20 minute stop between a float plane from McNeil River and my Alaska Airline flight home. There was no time to pull out neutral density filters or find where my tripod was buried in my luggage but I made a mad dash to the site to check and while the field wasn't quite as lush as I wanted, I captured an image I enjoy. This image reminds me to take a chance, keep checking every chance you get and maybe that mad dash will pay off.


John W. Wall said...

Your story reminds me how I have gone up to Mt. Tam every spring in the hope of once again seeing and photographing a wildflower bloom that I caught one year -- but haven't seen since. That's a beautiful shot of the fireweed landscape!

Richard Wong said...

Great scene Rebecca. It looks great even w/o GND filters.

Marilyn said...

These photographs are absolutely beautiful....There’s something about getting out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty around us.
Over the past year, I have found myself in the freezing cold, (I'm from Canada) braving snowfalls, and sliding over the ice in winter, then attacked by mosquitoes and black flies in summer, all in the hopes of capturing a glimpse of nature's beauty with my camera... If you would like to view my website please go to http://marilyns-photo-shoppe.partnersaroundtheworld.com...Thank you..

Rebecca Jackrel said...

Thanks all for the wonderful comments! John, your commitment to return to locations is incredibly inspiring. Hope that wildflower bloom pans out for you one of these years.