Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homeward Bound

I'm getting ready to head to the Anchorage airport to start the journey home but thought you might like to see the last airport I was at... it's also the hotel and power station. The fog was ever-present which made it more challenging to capture landscape images but acted as a wonderful soft box for all of the birds and foxes we saw. I'm afraid I've added quite a bit to my editing project but I loved every minute of it. Full report to come. :)


Richard Wong said...

Looks like we just missed each other at Ron's house. He mentioned you had stopped by the day before I was in Seward for the 9 hr boat tour.

Rebecca Jackrel said...

I know! I was bummed you hadn't come in a day earlier - would have loved to have a CA meet up in Alaska!

Richard Wong said...

It was actually my plan to have been in Seward the day before but I accidentally cancelled my reservations because I mixed up my travel days.