Friday, January 9, 2009


I've always believed that in order for people to care about something, be it an animal or piece of land or an historic structure, they must see it in order to have a connection. Paintings, Photographs and Films all serve to connect people to places and things which maybe far removed from their daily lives but warrant care and attention.

Most people living in major cities in the United States will never hear the booming call of a Greater-prairie chicken, or see a herd of Wild Horses running in the desert or see a Polar Bear napping outside their window. But Artists are in the unique position of bringing those animals into someone's home.

When you combine the arts with science and vision you can cultivate a true vessel for change. That's exactly what French Biologist Delphin Ruché is trying to accomplish. The stories and accompanying images he captures help to bring people into the realm of his subject. Delphin has also added a Guest of the Month section to his site that spotlights efforts by other photographers, researchers and biologists. This month is dedicated to the Greater-prairie chicken with a photo by yours truely. If you have a conservation related image or story, drop him a note and let him know as he is always on the look out for more material or just send him a note to tell him you are reading and appreciate what he is doing. Once you see his work I know you will be as impressed as I am. http://www.delphinruche.com/

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