Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some times you get lucky

I've been wanting this shot for a long time now and today I got lucky. I was in a bit of a fog this morning when I picked my friend Jim up for a day of shooting. We left San Francisco just a bit past 6AM. Houses were dark as we past, traffic was light and the air was crisp. We drove straight up to Mt Tam to check out a spot for the sunrise. Jim got the sunrise shot while I became completely entranced by all of the moss and lichen on the rocks that look as if they have been randomly dropped in place along the mountain side.

Once we finished on Mt Tam we headed straight down to Moss Landing. We had intended to rent a canoe and head out into the slough. We were a little bit side tracked by a group of ruddy ducks and buffle heads that were feeding right near the beginning of the slough. By the time we actually got to the kayak rental operator it was well past 2 PM. We had our safety training, attached a set of stabilizers to the canoe, loaded up the gear and ventured out into the slough. We made pretty good time and decided we could venture up the channel for a bit. That's where we found three separate mom and pups. The low canoe allowed me to get this eye level shot of one of those mom's with her pup. I can't wait to go back and try for more.

Thanks so much Jim! It was a great day!


John W. Wall said...

Wow, you guys covered some territory out there!

Rebecca Jackrel said...

I slept VERY well that night! =)

Jim Goldstein said...

Thanks for sharing a great day of photography Rebecca with me and experimenting with the canoe! Glad to see you got the photo you were after. I'm still going through my photos. As soon as they're out you'll be the first to see'm.

Michele said...

A beautiful photo! Sounds like a great outing!

Mark said...

Wonderful shot - I hope to take Jim up on his offer to get out to SF one day and also photograph these great animals